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The Initiative

This idea of Blood Donors Directory (BDD) was devised by Dr. V. Adinarayana Reddy, then Head of the Department, Electronics & Communiation Engineering, RVP Engineering College for Women (RVPECW), Cuddapah in October 2010. Earlier he started his career at KSRM College of Engineering (KSRMCE), Cuddapah. Later he worked as Professor of ECE at G Pulla Reddy Engineering College (GPREC), Kurnool. At present he is working as Professor of ECE & Dean (Academics) in KSRM College of Engineering (Autonomous), Cuddapah.

The project is completely designed and executed by Prof. M. Nataraja Suresh, CSE, NBKR Institute of Science and Technology, Vidyanagar, NELLORE (Dist). We are very much thankful for his services rendered for a good cause.

The prime objective of this website is to create a directory of blood donors in India, which would help the needy to find and approach the nearest ones. Initially started with Andhra Pradesh on 22nd December 2010, and extended to cover every place in India. Now more than 1.67 lakh villages/locations in all States & Union Territories of India are accessible.

A donor on the other hand can update previous donation date and contact details from time to time, which would enable us to enlist or block them from the view of the needy.

1861 donors got registered till today.

Recently Registered Donors.
S.No.Donor NameBlood GroupMobile NoState
1Uyyala Madhu Sudhan Reddy A+9951626695ANDHRA PRADESH
2Prem saiO+8008524276ANDHRA PRADESH
4P.chaithanya A+7799671019ANDHRA PRADESH
5Chaitanya SAB+7989425413ANDHRA PRADESH
6Akhil NarlaA+8374692550ANDHRA PRADESH
7Sravan KumarO+9059166719ANDHRA PRADESH
9Madhava Rao T O+9951216870ANDHRA PRADESH
10Siva Brahmam SB+8328064236ANDHRA PRADESH
11SharathB+9441209008ANDHRA PRADESH
12T Varadarajula reddyO+9849622790ANDHRA PRADESH
13VemareddyB+9052208330ANDHRA PRADESH
14Mulinti NallapaReddyO-7675052185ANDHRA PRADESH
15K.M.Vishnh vardhan reddyA+6303374074ANDHRA PRADESH
16M.chaitanyaB+9014469062ANDHRA PRADESH
17Bala Prakash B+9959615846ANDHRA PRADESH
18Sravan Nagella B+8341888519ANDHRA PRADESH
19Kothapalli aswani AB-9182800533ANDHRA PRADESH
20Lokesh BommisettyO+8985565720TAMILNADU

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