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The Initiative

This idea of Blood Donors Directory (BDD) was devised by Prof. V. Adinarayana Reddy, then Head of the Department, Electronics & Communiation Engineering, RVP Engineering College for Women (RVPECW), Cuddapah in October 2010. Earlier he started his career at KSRM College of Engineering (KSRMCE), Cuddapah. Later he worked as Professor of ECE at G Pulla Reddy Engineering College (GPREC), Kurnool.

The project is completely designed and executed by Prof. M. Nataraja Suresh, CSE, NBKR Institute of Science and Technology, Vidyanagar, NELLORE (Dist). We are very much thankful for his services rendered for a good cause.

The prime objective of this website is to create a directory of blood donors in India, which would help the needy to find and approach the nearest ones. Initially started with Andhra Pradesh on 22nd December 2010, and extended to cover every place in India. Now more than 1.67 lakh villages/locations in all States & Union Territories of India are accessible.

A donor on the other hand can update previous donation date and contact details from time to time, which would enable us to enlist or block them from the view of the needy.

1829 donors got registered till today.

Recently Registered Donors.
S.No.Donor NameBlood GroupMobile NoState
1.Mudivedu Vijay Bhaskar SinghO+7892876193KARNATAKA
2.Pogula ArunB+9550358027ANDHRA PRADESH
3.Ramu B+9966125405ANDHRA PRADESH
4.Rama PullaiahB+9052280234ANDHRA PRADESH
5.Chandrahasa ReddyAB+9700890392ANDHRA PRADESH
6.Sravan Kumar Mullangi O+9849006279ANDHRA PRADESH
7.Madhusudan YadavA-9164032589ANDHRA PRADESH
8.D Venu GopalB+8919538902ANDHRA PRADESH
9.Vaishnavi NallagariA+7674927586ANDHRA PRADESH
10.Chamuru KrishnaiahO+9533611199ANDHRA PRADESH

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